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At Nextt, we take the time to understand your personal goals to ensure we can offer you quality NDIS specialist support coordination services. Our goal with our specialist support coordination services is to match you to the most appropriate specialist support coordinator (NDIS), to make you have the best teammate to work alongside you to achieve your NDIS goals.


A support coordinator and a specialist support coordinatorsound similar and function in a similar way, but look after different NDIS categories of support. While support coordinators will help you plan and implement your capacity building programs, in-home supports and community inclusion programs, specialist support coordination will help if you have additional or more complex needs that can be funded by the NDIS. Some of these needs could include: Psychological and mental health support Ongoing support from a social worker Accessing health, education or justice services Our team can facilitate both regular NDIS support coordination and NDIS specialist support coordination, depending on what’s right for you and your situation.

Assist you to build your NDIS individualised plan

Help you understand what special supports you are entitled to under NDIS

Help you gain funding to cover your special supports

Work with you to access health, education and justice services.

Ensure you have the specialised services you need

Assist in planning or booking appointments that relate to your special supports

Work with you to achieve outcomes

We add value to NDIS specialist support coordination

Our specialist support coordination is enhanced through the Nextt Indie platform. A first in Australia, The Nextt Indie platform allows us to better capture your goals, and keep a close eye in measuring your progress towards achieving them. We can tell at a glance if your specialist support coordinator needs to adjust the level of support or make other improvements to the service you’re receiving. Our investment into Nextt Indie demonstrates clearly how committed we are to help you get more out of life.

Call us : Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5pm on 1300 369 568

to speak to our local team about our NDIS specialist support coordination services

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