Nextt and Lizard

Lizard Centre works with Nextt to offer social skills programs which teach socialization and reciprocal forms of play for young children with autism or developmental delay. Contact Lizard Centre for more information. Nextt and Lizard are part of the same family and work collaboratively together to support individuals at all stages of their life. We are there throughout their early years, through their teenage years to their adult life.


For children with developmental delay & autism we offer evidence based intervention with an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) methodology through our Lizard Centres.Call the Lizard Centre on 1300 752 617Play Video Through our individualised programs, we focus on delivering lasting improvements in all areas of a child’s development: communication, cognition, social interaction, play, motor skills and independent living skills. Lizard offers specialised group programs called Social Skills focusing on social and communication skills in order to set your child up for success. Lizard is the largest ABA early intervention organisation in Australia, with centres in Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney. Learn how your child can be supported.

Call Lizard on
1300 752 617
to speak to our local team

Join our team and support people with a range of complex conditions to achieve their goals and live an independent life.Vacancies at Nextt

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